Michael Adjetey Osendah is a performer of Traditional African Drumming and Dance born and raised in Accra, Ghana West Africa.  He has been performing since he was 7 years old to help support his family. Being the oldest son and leader of his family from a young age he felt it was his job to help put food and money on the table.  At the age of 7 he starts performing on the streets at weddings, funerals and parties to make money for his family.

When Osendah was 14 he was discovered dancing in the streets by the leader of a performing group and was asked to join them. With the group he started performing at big venues and traveling around to different regions of Africa.  From this group he was asked to join the Kusun Ensemble where he started traveling internationally.  He’s performed in Australia, including the Commonwealth Games Arts Festival in Melbourne where they performed with African diva, Miriam Makeba, Canada, and the United States, inluding venues like the New Orleans Jazz Festival. In December of 2006 he left Kusun to venture out on his own where he traveled to the United States for the first time by himself to teach and perform Traditional African Drumming and Dance in Hawaii.

Osendah is also a recognized member of the Ghana Dance Association and now resides in Syracuse, NY where he continues to teach and perform and now a member of The Akwaaba Ensemble Osendah’s biggest passion is to bring his culture and heritage to the world thru his dancing.