Kingsley Pipim was born and raised in the town called Kigi in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa. He has been playing music since at the age of seven years old with people as old as 80 years old.  Kinsley grew up close to the Akan region of Ghana and played music for the Kings in the region from a very young age.  At the age of 18 Kingsley start his professional appearance with the Pan African Orchestra as a xylophone player and percussionist. The Pan African orchestra dissipated then he joined the Nkabom Unity Group at the age of 24 to tour the United States to perform at Schools, Library’s, Community Events and Festivals. After the U.S tour with Nkabom Unity Group in 2007, Kingsley decided to settle in the United States to work with other cultural groups in the area. For the past eight years Kingsley has resides in Syracuse New York and still active with his music, he performs with Wacheva Cultural Arts and Adanfo Drumming and Dancing Group.

Kinsley start working together with the Akwaaba Ensemble in 2008.